Name Kyokko Seiko Co.,Ltd
Head Office
88 Tonoshiro-cho Kuze, Minami-ku, Kyoto, 601-8205, JAPAN
Tel. +81-75-932-2141(Main) Fax. +81-75-933-0787
Kyoto Factory
88 Tonoshiro-cho Kuze, Minami-ku, Kyoto, 601-8205, JAPAN
Tel. +81-75-932-2591(Main) Fax. +81-75-933-2592
Yasu Factory
1736 Ooshinohara, Yasu-city, Shiga, 520-2313, JAPAN
Tel. +81-77-587-5011(Main) Fax. +81-77-587-5013
Toyokawa Factory
3-34 Odabuchicho, Toyokawa-city, Aichi, 442-0844, JAPAN
Tel. +81-533-95-7660(Main) Fax. +81-533-95-7662
Established July 1st, 1944
Capital 60 million yen
Main business Development and manufacturing of factory automation machines, office equipment, and medical equipment
Akihiro Segawa
Managing director
Shunji Seo(General Affairs Manager)
Fukio Tada
Shinji Akiyama(Kyoto Factory Manager)
Kouji Uchida
Yukiaki Takashima
Number of employees 136(Headquarter 51, Yasu 34, Toyokawa 51)
Main banks Bank of Kyoto
Mizuho bank
Japan Finance Corporation
Kyoto Chuo Shinkin bank
Kyoto Shinkin bank
Main customer Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Konica Minolta, Inc.
Mitsubishi Heavy industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation
Dynic Corporation
Shofu Inc.
Konan Medical, Inc.
Systemgear Co., Ltd.
SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.
Indus International Inc. (U.S.A)
Kodak Alaris Ltd. (U.K.)
PSi Laser GmbH (Germany)
Covergold Limited (U.K.)
Subsidiary Kochi Kyokko Seiko Co.,Ltd
  • Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification
    Toyokawa Factory (Registered Certificate No.11252-A-02, December 1997)
  • Acquired ISO14001:2015 certification
    Toyokawa Factory (Registered Certificate No.11252-B-02, February 2003)
  • Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification
    Kyoto Factory & Yasu Factory (Registered Certificate No.15013-A, December 1999)
  • 【Related Office : Kyoto Factory】
    Acquired ISO14001:2015 certification
    Kyoto Head office (Registered Certificate No.15013-B, March 2006)
  • 【Related Office : Kyoto Factory】
    Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification
    Koch Kyokko Seiko factory (Registered certificates No.JQA-QMA12797, May 2006)
Initiatives for SDGs

Through precision machinery, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by providing "secure and reliable" to our customers and realizing our management philosophy of "Mutual Harmony and Benefit”.

Management philosophy/Corporate policy

  • -We aim to create a rewarding workplace regardless of gender, disability, or nationality.
  • -We will actively work to develop human resources through the acquisition of technology, skills, and knowledge.

Our technology and products

  • -We provide medical-related equipment worldwide.
  • -We provide automation machines that reduces the environmental impact of our customers' business activities.
  • -We select environmentally friendly parts and materials (ISO14001 certified).

Management Philosophy

Mutual Harmony and Benefit

With society

Build mutual trust with our stakeholders (Customers, Shareholders and Employees) and create social existential value. Carry out our social responsibilities and build Mutual Harmony and Benefit.

With employee

Emphasis on human resource and development, we strive to achieve harmonious company development and employee satisfaction.

Message from President

Message from President

To be a valuable company that customers consider indispensable.

Kyokko Seiko, founded in 1944 as a precision mold manufacturer, celebrated our 79th anniversary in 2023.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your support and cooperation.

We are currently focusing on FA (factory automation and labor saving) and OS (office work streamlining and efficiency improvement) as our core businesses, and in addition to Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery time), which are the basics of manufacturing, we are strengthening S (service) to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers.

Under the slogan of 【Providing customers with "secure and reliable" through integrated production from development and design to quality assurance, and advance to become a company that is recognized as professional and first-rate】, we will continue our efforts to contribute to society and become a company with value.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

President Akihiro Segawa


1944 ~ 1999

Established Kyokko Communication Instruments Co., Ltd. by founder Mr. K Sawada and started manufacturing precision mold, jig, and gauge.


Renamed to Kyokko Seiko Co., Ltd.


Started business with SHIMADZU CORPORATION.


Developed photoelectric spectrophotometers with SHIMADZU CORPORATION.


Developed automated machines for electrode printing, electrode sorting and soldering, and lead wire cutting and forming and delivered silver electrode coating machine to Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


Developed self-excited vibration type fineness measuring instrument in cooperation with Kyoto institute technology and started its production and sales.


Moved to current location.


Developed flatness interferometers with the subvention from MITI.


Started business with CKD.


Started business with Oki and expanded the business field to the computer.


Started business with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. Built 1st Factory in Kyoto.


Started business with Minolta camera (Konica Minolta).


Started business with Panasonic Corp.


Started business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.


Started the operation of Toyokawa factory and built 2nd Factory in Kyoto.


Started business with Amagasaki seikan and exported of plant to USSR


Started the operation of Yasu Factory for factory automation. Established Kochi Kyokko Seiko Co., Ltd.


Started business with JEI, supped OEM Label Printer. Development and production of full color copier for Minolta (Konicaminolta).


Started business with NEC and NEC Office Systems.


Started business with Dynic Corporation.


Started sales of Electronic Photographic Printer to Germany on OEM basis.

2000 ~

Started the development of Perfect Binding Machine.


Started sales of Perfect Binding Machine K-Binder 501.


Started the development of Face-Up Scanner.


Started sales of Face-up Scanner PS5000C (A3 size, color). Established Kyoto Hitech Corporation.


Started sales of Roll paper loading-feeding machine RTR-2.


Started sales of Perfect Binding Machine K-Binder 701.


Started sales of Face-up Scanner PS7000C (A2 size, color).


Supplied face-up scanner PS5000CMKII Lab for digitalization Project of National Diet Library (2009 budget 12.7millon yen).


Started sales of desktop continuous form printer KP2250 (Psi model name: PP3034) on OEM base.
Started sales of originally developed screen-less type digital film scanner SL1000.


Started sales of Image Retrieving System ScanDIVA with improved optical resolution of the PS7000CMKII, an A2 Face-up color scanner, and with originally developed application software.


Expanded the plant and facilities of Kochi Kyokko Seiko Co., Ltd. (expanded the company building and installed a double-column machining center)


Expanded Yasu Plant No. 2 (from 16m x 24m to 16m x 43m)


Expanded equipment at Kochi Kyokko Seiko Co., Ltd.: installed OKK vertical machining VB-53 (500 x 1000 machining) and a large 3D measuring machine (capable of measuring 1200 X 1800)
Expanded equipment at Kyoto Plant No.1: installed OKK vertical machining VB-53 (500 x 1000 machining)


Expanded the plant at Kochi Kyokko Seiko Co., Ltd. (established Plant No. 4)
Installed a500Z horizontal 5-axis machining center with multi-face pallets.



Relocated Toyokawa Plant to improve efficiency and expand production system by consolidating in one location. (Floor Space 2,728㎡→6,722㎡)


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