We can provide development, design, manufacturing,
and mass production of precision instruments to meet your orders.

We have the capability to realize what our customers wish they had.
If you talk with us, we have the ideas and capabilities to somehow solve your problem, even if it is difficult, and we will tackle the issue from the same perspective as you, right down to the manufacturing stage.
We will always make some form of proposal to our customers.
We value the attitude of tackling anything and everything to meet our customers' needs without giving up easily.

Contract Development Design & Manufacturing

Kyokko Seiko can handle both ODM(Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing). From custom-made development and design to the production of original brand products and mass-produced products, we can meet your needs.

Contract Development Design & Manufacturing

Technical Element

We will apply our "Paper Handling Technology" and "Image Processing Technology" acquired through years of experience to the development, design, and manufacture of custom-made products such as information equipment and medical devices that improve efficiency in offices and medical workplaces.

Technical Element

Image Processing Technology

We are good at scanning documents by controlling CCD, CIS, and other sensors, and optimizing and processing the scanned images, which is indispensable in these days of digitalization.

Image Processing Technology

Paper Handling Technology

We develop and manufacture products that are useful not only in the office equipment industry but also in various other industries by applying our paper handling technology not only to paper but also to film, synthetic sheets, etc.

Paper Handling Technology

In-house developed products

Kyokko Seiko is actively involved in the development of our own products. To develop products that meet the niche requirements of our customers and those demanded by the market, we face challenges thoroughly and make steady efforts without fail.

ODM/OEM products

Our specialty is the development of compact products. We are committed to delivering products that ensure high performance while enabling cost reduction.

Integrated production system

Kyokko Seiko offers ONE-STOP service from product development and design to mass production and quality assurance.
We can handle everything from design and development, mass production planning, or manufacturing (mass production) processes only. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering a full-order precision instrument.

01. Development Design

We specialize in mechanism design for information equipment, medical equipment, etc., and sheet (paper, film, etc.) conveyance design.
When we are approached by a customer who says "I want a product like this", we first take a look at the existing product and listen to the issues that need to be addressed. We will make proposals based on our accumulated know-how.

Development Design

02. Mass Production Design

Based on our experience in mass production, we will design a low-cost, high-quality product.


03. Parts Procurement

We procure 100% of parts and materials from external suppliers. We can also provide alternatives to parts that are no longer in production.


04. Manufacturing

We have introduced cell and batch production systems in order to handle a wide variety of products in small lots, and have established a more efficient production system by introducing VPS, which enables virtual process design. We also accept orders from the manufacturing process.


05. Quality Assurance

We inspect and evaluate our products to ensure that they meet the required standards and meet customer requirements.
We guarantee the quality of the products we produce based on quality standards. ISO 9001 certification.

  • ISO9001:2015 Registration certificate number 11252-A-02 December 1997
  • ISO14001:2015 Registration certificate number 11252-B-02 February 2003
  • Medical device manufacturing: Registration No. 23BZ200280

06. Packing, Shipping and Delivery

We will properly pack and ship the products so that they will not be scratched or soiled, and precision equipment so that they will not be broken.



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