When personal Information is provided to our company, its use (purpose, range of use, Kyokko Seiko contact) will be disclosed, specified, or explained through notification either beforehand or immediately upon its submission.

Kyokko Seiko has established an administrative provision for handling personal information, and this organization ensures the security of, and the prevention of leaks, loss or damage to the entrusted information.

Kyokko Seiko does not disclose personal information to third parties, except in the following instances.

1.When permission has been explicitly granted by the offering individual.

2.When disclosed so that personal identification is not possible.

3.When a sub-contractor who has concluded a non-disclosure agreement with our company beforehand is consigned personal information in part or in entirety in a range necessary for achieving the intended purpose.

4.When it is required by of the related law or guideline,

When the principal or his/her legal representative wishes to access, change, or cease using the personal information, please contact Kyokko Seiko, Kyokko Seiko may not respond to requests if Kyokko Seiko can not confirm that the requesting person is the principal or his/her legal representative

5.In handling all personal information provided in the course of business, Kyokko Seiko will comply with relevant laws and regulations and other criteria.


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