Book scanner DAS4200-A3
Digitalization Enhancement of image quality Image Processing Scanner

Book scanner DAS4200-A3

Major Customers: Libraries, schools, etc.
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Digital scanning of microfilm images of various shapes. Connect to your PC and zoom in on the monitor,
A small, lightweight type of digital film scanner that stores as printed or electronic data.The products are widely used in libraries, educational institutions, and overseas.

Development Background

Several years had passed since the release of the previous model, and due to its age and deterioration, there was a widespread desire for a successor model in the market. In order to meet these expectations, we began development of a next-generation book scanner product as a collaborative project with a major domestic input vendor. With the goal of contributing to society by launching a book scanner with high image quality and high productivity that satisfies the specifications of the national library digitization project, we developed the Book Cradle, which enables high-speed, high-quality image processing using a low-cost CMOS camera and page turning of various rare books without damaging them. About 280 units were sold as book scanners for the digitization of the collection of the National Diet Library, an administrative digitization project, and contributed to the digitization of over 27 million frames in the first year of the digitization project. Sales have continued to this day, and the cumulative total of units sold has exceeded 300. With much demand expected in the future, we will continue to develop and manufacture products that meet the high expectations placed on Kyokko Seiko. ※Only available in Japan.


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