Microfilm Scanner SL1000 Q
Digitalization Enhancement of image quality Scanner

Microfilm Scanner SL1000 Q

Major Customers: Libraries, schools, etc.
#Application programing #Blip mark detection #CCD sensor control #Low-speed/high-speed film transport #Zoom lens

Digital scanning of microfilm images of various shapes. Connect to your PC and zoom in on the monitor,
A small, lightweight type of digital film scanner that stores as printed or electronic data.The products are widely used in libraries, educational institutions, and overseas.

Development Background

The previous model, SL1000, sold over 2,600 units in total and was recognized worldwide as the world's standard screenless microfilm scanner. The desire for a successor model to the SL1000 led us to begin development of the next model scanner.
Our goal was to create a digital film scanner that would inherit the low-cost and compact features of the previous model and differentiate it from competing models.
We developed a next-generation digital film scanner with a blip detection function and quiet operation. In addition, we have simultaneously developed a dedicated application that enhances the efficiency of microfilm digitizing operations.
More than 70 units were sold to the National Diet Library, the National Archives of Japan, and other national public institutions, and more than 220 units were exported overseas, contributing to the digitization of microfilm around the world. Cumulative sales have exceeded 410 units.


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