Microfilm Scanner MS7000 MKⅡ
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Microfilm Scanner MS7000 MKⅡ

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Product Overview

High-speed, high-quality microfilm scanner equipped with a full range of convenient functions

Retrieves microfilm images of various shooting shapes such as 16 mm, 35 mm, and fish, enlarges them on the screen, and prints them with a dedicated printer. Or connect to a PC and import scanned microfilm images as electronic data with this desktop type microfilm scanner.

Technical points

Various auto functions make work comfortable and efficient

・Auto Exposure (AE) function: Automatically determines correct exposure
・Auto Frame Masking function: Erases skewed frames.
・Auto skew correction function: automatically corrects skewed images
・Auto centering function: Corrects the position of the image.
・Auto negative/positive detection function: Automatically detects film polarity
・Image correction function: Corrects barrel-shaped distorted images.
・Auto focus (AF) function: Eliminates the hassle of focusing

Basic Specifications

Basic Specifications

■Films used
Fish, jacket, aperture card, 16/35mm roll film, 16mm cartridges
■Lens magnification
7.5× (single focus lens), 9× - 16×, 13× - 27×, 20× - 50× (zoom lens)
■Screen size
303mm × 440mm
200 / 300 / 400 / 600 / 800 dpi
■Scanning speed
4 sec/frame (continuous scan mode)
Less than 65 kg
■Power supply
100V 50/60Hz


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