Business card printer

Dynic Corporation
#Paper handling #Thermal transfer #Variable printing

Development of an easy-to-operate printer dedicated to business cards

We want to create a compact thermal transfer printer dedicated to business cards that can produce high-quality printouts suitable for professional use and that anyone can easily operate to make business cards.

Production Result

Technical Points

We have developed a printer dedicated to business cards that is easy to handle for small-scale printing and in-house printing by achieving high print quality, a footprint equivalent to A4 size, and high maintainability through our unique thermal history control, printing speed, and printing pressure adjustment functions.
The three-step print adjustment function enables beautiful printing even on paper with an uneven surface or thick paper. With the industry's highest level of beautiful finishing, a variety of business cards and cards can be easily and conveniently produced at any time.


We have been commissioned to develop and manufacture business card printers for three generations.
Many times our young staff developed the quality and operability incorporating market demands.
They worked uncompromisingly on the development of quality and operability that met the market's needs.
Thanks to their efforts, we have received very positive feedback over the years.


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